Unmatched Safety and Reliability

Experience industry-leading safety and performance with the ZBOTEK K10, featuring one of the safest and most reliable Battery Management Systems (BMS) on the market. Our advanced BMS ensures optimal operation, protects against overcharging and discharging, and continuously monitors the battery’s overall health. Trust in the exceptional efficiency and security of the ZBOTEK K10 Home Energy Storage System, setting the gold standard for your energy storage needs.

ZBOTEK Home Energy Storage System
K10 Home Energy Storage

Long-lasting Performance You Can Trust

Our ZBOTEK K10 home energy storage battery features advanced LiFePO4 battery technology, offering a remarkable 8000 cycles and an impressive 20-year lifespan. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your investment is built to last and will continue to provide reliable energy storage for years to come.

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency with ZBOTEK K10

The ZBOTEK K10 home energy storage system boasts a powerful 10KWh capacity, 51.2V output, and 200A current, enabling you to manage your energy consumption more effectively. With a DoD of 90.6%, you can harness your energy storage capabilities to the fullest and significantly reduce your reliance on the grid.

ZBOTEK Home Energy Storage Solution
K10 Home Energy Storage Inverter

Effortless Connectivity

ZBOTEK’s advanced home energy storage solutions, including the exceptional ZBOTEK K10, come equipped with RS232, RS485, and CanBus communication interfaces. This enables seamless integration with your existing energy management systems and devices, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined approach to optimizing your home’s energy efficiency and reliability.

Certified for Safety and Quality

The ZBOTEK K10 home energy storage system comes with an array of internationally recognized certifications, including UN38.3, MSDS, UL1973 (Cell), and IEC62619 (Cell). These certifications ensure that our product meets the highest safety and quality standards, giving you confidence in the performance and reliability of your investment.

ZBOTEK Home Energy Storage Battery
K10 Home Energy Storage Battery

Take the Next Step Towards Energy Independence

Invest in a home energy storage solution that combines exceptional performance, reliability, and state-of-the-art technology. The ZBOTEK K10 is designed to revolutionize your energy management and empower you to take control of your energy consumption. Make the smart choice and transform your home with the ZBOTEK K10 Home Energy Storage Battery today!

ZBOTEK Home Energy Storage Solution

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