Product Warranty

Product Warranty & Return Policy


A. Warranty Policy

ZBOTEK ensures that every product is free from malfunctions, defects, or problems. However, to fully protect our buyers, we provide warranty services subject to the exclusions set below.

Should you have questions or concerns not fully answered by the rules and policies set below, please contact us at


B. Warranty Period

Every product has a warranty period but might also differ on the product type and price. For a specific warranty period for each item, please refer to your product manuals or contact our Customer Support Team.


C. Replacement/ Maintenance

  • If there is a defect or the product exhibit a problem, please reach us right away to assess whether the type of problem covers our replacement or maintenance policies.
  • Replacement ONLY applies to quality issues. Non-quality issues include misuse, abuse, accident, or damage due to natural causes (e.g., typhoons, lighting, etc.)
  • The warranty services do not apply to unaccredited assembling, operation, repair, or modification of the device, especially if it does not follow safety device protocol or instructions.
  • Lost/stolen product.
  • Device malfunction due to plugging or connecting an unauthorized product from unauthorized resellers voids the warranty service.
  • Defects caused by the device’s exposure to excessive heat, cold, etc., also void the warranty.
  • No proof of purchase, no warranty.


D. Refund 

ZBOTEK offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. What does this mean?

Thirty days after purchase, you may return the product to us hassle-free. However, this only applies to products directly purchased from us. If you bought from one of our distributors, you must check their return policy and abide by it.


What is included in the return policy?

  • This return policy only applies to unopened packages. If you’re not sure or unsatisfied with the product, you may return it to us within 30 days.
  • The customer should shoulder the shipping fee, and we will send the total refund price to the customer after 4-7 working days.
  • Before returning an item, please give us a heads-up by contacting our Customer Support Team.
  • ZBOTEK still holds the right to refuse the refund of the product, provided that some conditions still need to be met.


E. Return Policy And Procedure

ZBOTEK has the following return policy and procedure:

  • We do not welcome returning an item that is already customized.
  • Please contact us at, so we can provide you with an RMA or Return Merchandise Authorization. We will not accept items with no RMA number.
  • You should visibly write the RMA number on the package’s shipping label. Our local warehouse will not accept a package with RMA numbers written boldly on the box.
  • If ZBOTEK proves the returned item is not defective, we will send it back to the customer.
  • Upon receipt of the package, ZBOTEK will decide whether to replace or repair the item. Once the replacement is done, the warranty of the original order will resume.
  • Please expect processing of the returned item within 14 business days. The resolution might take time or be sent immediately, subject to product replacement item availability.


F. Valid Proof of Purchase

The valid proof of purchase identifies that you did purchase the item from us. Here are some documents that are valid as proof of purchase.

  • Please always provide a valid purchase voucher for warranty, return, maintenance, or return policy. It includes the purchase cannel, order number, shipping tracking number, etc.
  • You may also send us the sales invoice or order confirmation sent thru your email that shows the description of the item, price, sales channel, and other information.
  • Please also provide the money transfer receipt and the address confirmation, as we may ask you for this information.
  • To avail of our warranty services, you need to send us the item’s serial number and a video showing the item’s defect or problem.

For more warranty and product concerts, please contact us at,



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