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ZBOTEK has seen the underlying and growing challenges in the market. And with more than 15 years of professional manufacturing and product innovation, we’ve crafted the most reliable and suitable power and solar generator solutions for your home, office, and vast outdoor needs.

Our mission is to offer you the best possible safe and reliable products for solo adventures and family tours seeking home energy independence. We create the most competitive solution with extensive knowledge and expertise, the right and perfect technology, and reliable components.

ZBOTEK offers various services coupled with our products, such as warranty services which may range from five to ten years. And to serve our customer’s best interests and to give them easy access to our products, ZBOTEK continues to look for qualified individuals or enterprises to continue with our mission and values.

If you’re interested, below are a few guidelines to help you.



A. Qualifications

You should have a tangible office and a duly registered business enterprise. The vicinity must be customer-friendly, well-lighted, organized, and safe for the products. You must also have a good support team to help you with sales, marketing, technicalities, and other business aspects.


B. Contract

The contract states the different parts of the partnership. It includes your designated or legal position in the entire business, projecting, and distribution. Upon receiving the contract, we will give you ample time to get through the agreement and understand the terms, policies, and business guidelines. The contract comes with strict confidentiality.


C. Product Distribution

Before handling the products, we will train you and help you familiarize yourself with the products’ various functions, features, troubleshooting, and other product properties. It is to help you respond promptly to your local clients should there be no significant problem we can address later.


D. Rights and Obligations

For every product sold comes a commission on your part. Apart from the actual products for selling, we will also provide you with demo products to help you market and describe the features and functions of devices. And as an obligatory guideline, we expect you to maintain professionalism in the business and project, sell products at a standard rate, follow policies, participate in our mission, apply our values, and continue our legacy and services. And in the future, we encourage you to participate in training and other professional growth outlets to help you discover more of your skills in the field. Needless to worry about technical support, warranty, and product monitoring because we will always be right on your side.


E. Order and Payment Policies

One essential part of the contract is understanding the full terms of the order policies. At this stage of distribution,  both sides need open communication. Regarding shipping fees, logistics, and other costs, we may require you to shoulder them, agree with counterpart payment, or ask for a price to suffice the manufacturing costs. In such cases, we will assess the best step to take.


F. Technical and Marketing Support

ZBOTEK, with its professional team and experts, will help you widen and further your knowledge through training, sharing our marketing strategies, technical guides, product orientations, and more with you. Along with helping you gain profits, we also seek to grow with you professionally, and best serve our clients and customers in the future.

If the opportunity comes, we encourage you to join exhibits and local and international affairs to promote your enterprise and widen your sales and product selling scope.

With a great range of products and solutions, ZBOTEK continues to expand significantly. And as we develop, we also look for business partners to grow and share our marketing values.

Please reach us through our business directory below if you are interested in joining our team.



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